Leading the charge to ban plastic bags | D*Scribe

Supermarket giants Coles and Woolworths have announced they’ll soon be charging shoppers for single-use plastic bags, a decision welcomed by landcare groups in Victoria. While most of us can shrug off the 15 cents per bag, environmental groups hope it’ll make shoppers think twice before they head out. To landcare groups such as the Plastic Bag Free movement, this is a big step in the right direction. Leading the charge against the single use plastics in Torquay, environmental group Plastic Ba

How good can a smartphone camera be? | D*Scribe

With a new range of smartphones coming out this year from all the major manufacturers, the competition is on to see who can get the best battery life, highest resolution screen and best camera in the lightest case. Challenger brands such as Oppo are just entering the Australian smartphone market, making their devices stand out by including high quality camera and lens systems. Their flagship model – the r9s plus – boasts a 16 megapixel camera with a Sony-designed lens system. This begs the que

Review: Miami Horror Block Party | D*Scribe

The crowds were late to gather, with the majority not filling the Melbourne laneway until about 4pm. This was fortunate because Queen Magic started around half an hour later than scheduled. Nevertheless, the crowds were in good spirits as everyone packed themselves into the bar area, which seemed a little too small for the couple of hundred people they were aiming to serve. Gameboy/Gamegirl’s set was slow to pull a crowd as everyone held onto their spots at the bar or at the basement dancefloo

How well do you guard your card? | D*Scribe

From the 2017 festival onward, patrons can now payWave for a can of their favourite brew, thanks to a partnership with Visa. It’s all good news – no longer will you have a small fortune of drink tokens left after the fest, or the need to line up at the ATM’s while your favourite act is on. But the new system has raised the old arguments of when payWave was first introduced in stores – what happens when someone loses their card? Drop your card and someone could be tapping their way through you

The 10 strangest conspiracy theories | D*Scribe

Yes JFK and Hitler are alive and well, Miley Cyrus and Paul McCartney didn’t fare so great however. In the light of recent Holocaust denier leaflets being passed around Victorian universities, we take a look at some of the strangest Reddit conspiracy theories that will have you questioning everything you think you know. Made of cheese? Landed on by NASA? No, it’s made of lies and deception. Just take a look at what Revisionists have to say about it – it’s a lie perpetrated by the government, a

Is this the death of the mp3 file? | D*Scribe

In an announcement last month by the Fraunhofer Institute, it stated its licensing program had simply ended, however media outlets were quick to dub this the death of mp3. And to some extent it is, with larger corporations moving onto more efficient ways of compressing audio, Apple has been using Advanced Audio Codec (AAC) on the iTunes store since it launched back in 2003. But the real reason for the termination is that the US patents expired. As Extreme Tech explains, Fraunhofer Institute ca

What can help Geelong’s struggling CBD? | D*Scribe

In 2014, it was reported that 87 shopfronts around the Geelong CBD were vacant. In 2017, that number has only fallen slightly. To help fill the 72 empty retail spaces, the City of Greater Geelong has begun works on a project which it hopes will breathe life into the struggling city centre. Little Malop Street and Johnstone Park are the first on a long list of developments which form part of the council’s Revitalise Geelong program. Geelong MP Christine Couzens believes the retail experience i

Your favourites are back on the small screen | D*Scribe

And do you feel like the only Aussie stuff you do see is a bunch of people in Melbourne arguing about where a kitchen wall should go? Or whether the piece makes enough of a statement to win this week’s challenge? Well fear not! Step away from Netflix. The bottom of the barrel has been scraped and our networks have moved on to better things, by moving back in time! You’d be forgiven for thinking you’re back in the 2000s, minus the Moto Razr in your hands. Kath, Kim, and Coight. Three names tha

Is your number up? A tip for keeping your Facebook safe | D*Scribe

The recent ‘loophole’ in Facebook’s security is allowing hackers to use people’s old phone numbers to access their account and wreak havoc. If you forget to delete your old number from your account, it could be used as a recovery option for someone who wants to access and sell off your account from underneath you. But how bad is it? While shows like A Current Affair may have people quaking, there’s really no threat for users who have their details up to date and their passwords secure. The m

Opinion: Millenials and their housing | D*Scribe

For most younger Millennials, a place to call your own isn’t really something that you want to think about. We’d rather spend our time travelling than stuck with a mortgage. But apparently we’re horrible with debt, or great at accruing it (go us!) As a very poor millennial, I think lines from billionaires about our smashed avo consumption is insulting to say the least. However I’m always open to other people’s opinions, even if they are hideously misinformed. So we sit in our sharehouses, get
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